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So more on the action replay controversy

I ended up getting one of my own action replay power saves pro after I found out I can edit pokeballs, and I found out something interesting about shinies that could maintain integrity among traders.

When you shiny a pokemon it actually changes the ot# to a random number. If you caught the pokemon, it can no longer be nicknamed and the ot name remains.


Just have the person you are trading with give you their ign, and have them send two pictures: one of a non shiny pokemon they caught, and one of the shiny that you want, with the page sorting the ot numbers on each pic. Though there is an unshiny code as well, it reverts the ot number back to what it used to be!

Same ot name + different ot number = shiny hacked

This method can also be used in ways to retain an enforcement on legitimate pokemon in tournaments as well!

Please spread the word about this! Not all hope for honest trades is lost!

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I know it’s a bit late but does anyone wanna 6v6 battle? Most of my favorite pokes are uu bit I’ll play anything but with legendaries. I wanna get some experience outside of battle spot.

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It's true, half the shinies I have I'm not even sure are legit... I just wish that people wouldn't resort to cheating for just a few different pixels... I mean the whole point of getting a shiny is that it's so rare that you are proud of finding it!!

that’s exactly how I feel! I feel like it’s a nice extra dynamic to pokemon that shouldn’t be tampered with.

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With action replay power saves is there even a point in shiny hunting anymore? No one can trust anyone basically because now any shiny could have been hacked and we’d have no way of knowing…

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let’s play a randomized nuzlocke.




no no. no no no no.






Soul-of-Space’s 300 Follower Giveaway!!!

Hey everybody! It’s time for my first ever giveaway!

What I’m giving away:

  • Shiny Kanto starter’s all with their megastones (charizardite x)
  • Shiny Alakazam w/ Megastone
  • Shiny Dratini
  • Shiny Mew
  • Shiny Entei
  • Shiny Deoxys
  • Shiny Palkia
  • Shiny Giratina w/ griseous orb
  • Shiny Darkrai
  • Shiny Shaymin
  • Shiny Genesect


There will be a total of seven winners!

  1. Choose three pokemon
  2. Choose three of the remaining pokemon
  3. Choose two of the remaining pokemon
  4. Choose two of the remaining pokemon
  5. Choose one of the remaining pokemon
  6. Choose one of the remaining pokemon
  7. Gets the last remaining pokemon


  1. Must be following me (soul-of-space)
  2. Likes and reblogs both count
  3. Must have a 3DS (or 2DS) and a copy of either Pokemon X or Y
  4. Must be comfortable giving me your friend code
  5. No giveaway or side blogs!
  6. Reblog as much as you want but please don’t annoy your followers!
  7. Winners will have 48 hours to respond before I choose somebody in their place

This giveaway will end on May 10th at 11 PM EDT

If you’ve got any questions feel free to message me and ask!

Good luck! :D


Because of how well the giveaway has been doing I’m adding a shiny Froakie to the giveaway! 


Shady Pokes





Woolcub - Black Sheep Pokemon - Fairy type

Howoolf - Big Wolf Pokemon - Fairy/Dark type

A fake sheep Pokemon and its evolution, using ” A wolf in sheep’s clothing” as a theme…

I’m fucking fascinated with this concept.

petition to get this into gen 7.

this is ingenius.

This is so clever.

I wholeheartedly agree with you there. I have to say one thing I can say I like about action replay is that I once got a female slurpuff in a love ball on wondertrade. Which is impossible to get legally. But because it was a girl I used it to breed my own legal slurpuff which frankly looks amazing in a love ball. After which I put the leftover legal love ball slurpuffs from breeding out on WT. So a little good can come out if it as well which I think is nice. Even if the shiny hacking is awful.


I never really thought about the different pokeballs. That actually seems kind of worth it! It’s a pretty benign tweek compared to hacking shinies. It’s totally inevitable that it will be used for pure evilthough. hahaha

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I agree that action replay is very unfair to those who put in time and effort to breed shiny pokemon and the like. But from what I understand the current action replay power save for X and Y doesn't affect the IV's or EV's of a pokemon. A pokemon can be changed to shiny, but there are no codes to influence IV's or EV's.


Yeah I actually recently read about that too. However, being able to change things to shiny so easily still seems really janky. I treasure the shinies I use competitively even if their natures or IV’s aren’t perfect because of their legitimacy.

The rarity and excitement I get on a chance encounter with one of my favorite pokemon in shiny form really adds a level of sentiment to battling with the pokemon I raised and grew attached to, as corny as that sounds. 

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Wait, are you serious about the Action Replay thing? Where did you find that out?

Here’s the most credible looking source on this. 

Apparently it’s been going around for a fair amount of time but people haven’t been abusing the hell out of it yet.

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1. Ambipom. 2. Batman. 3. Danny Fenton.

why batman???


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